George Johnally

George has been in the business of music for well over 30 years. A Telecommunication Engineer by profession is only superseded by his love of all that is music and his knowledge/history of it.


Wayne Oliver

Pest Control Specialist by Trade, a great lover of the Jamaica music genre and with an appreciations of all others.

Douglas McDonald

Ammature collector since the early 70's, specializing in 1960 - 1980.

Additional Info

Main DJ's

We are a small group of music collectors who are tired of 'Single Genre' radio stations. We grew up in a World where 'Good Music' comes in all genres and beats, both old & new. We have decided that our station should play all kinds of music, from everywhere. We have been meeting and playing our music on weekends. Our friends & relatives suggested we bring our music to the World. So here we are.

Who We Are & Why